Technology is changing every day. With the use of such sites as MySpace, Facebook, and Twitter, people are connecting in a variety of ways.

Well after attending a workshop today I decided to take the next step and decide to Tweet. No, not tweet like a bird. Tweet using the site of Twitter. I had used Twitter before and thought it was boring because if I wanted people to know my status I could go onto Facebook. However, I learned that Twitter can do so much more. Just as with blogging, it is a great way to collaborate with others. For example, I can connect and learn from my peers and other professionals. I can also conduct a chat with my students.

So I went onto the Twitter site and made an account. If anyone wishes to follow me on Twitter my name is @MarisolBoatwrig. I do have this blog as part of my profile on the site as well. I look forward to getting more followers and here is to Tweeting! Thank you to the Kaplan University Blogging Group, Laurie Hansen, for inspiring me.

Marisol Boatwright, MHA