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Videos on the Muscles

How the Body Works: Skeletal Muscles

Contraction of the Heart

This video will also help you when you learn about the cardiovascular system next term.


Purdue Global Writing Center and Academic Support Center

(c) 2012 JupiterimagesStudents often ask, “Why do I need to learn to write?” This is usually followed by, “I am an IT major,” or “I am a Nursing major.” During our recent Kaplan University General Education Conference, Margie Stogsdill wrote the following during a chat: “If they want to be treated professionally, the wardrobe of their minds should match as much as their shoes match their belt.”  Creative statements like this can really help students grasp the necessity of writing skills, no matter their majors.  Students need tangible ways to understand how writing skills fit into their professional goals. Explaining the importance of writing skills can be part of the larger task of helping students understand what it means to be a professional in their fields.

Like the teen girl I overheard singing to her friends and the waitress late one night in IHOP, our students want to succeed and be…

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Very simple and easy to understand about this difficult process!

Study Droid

I came across this article by one of the authors of our textbook and I think it is very important for not just students taking Anatomy and Physiology, but any class. It is written by Kevin Patton on January 5, 2012.

Why Be Honest

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